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meet the team


Justin Spiro
Host and Founder

Justin Spiro has been a sports content creator based in Metro Detroit for 20 years, beginning as a fantasy basketball correspondent for at age 13. In 2017, he founded Spiro Avenue, which started as a simple podcast featuring top-notch Detroit sports media members and personalities, eventually growing the show to the professional live digital network it is today. Currently, he is the host of the critically acclaimed "Spiro Avenue Show" and "Off The Curb".

Ben Agosta

Producer and Content Creator

Ben is the producer for all live broadcasts at The Spiro Avenue Network and handles all the technical aspects of each show. Moreover, he is responsible for the branding and marketing of the network. Ben graduated with a journalism degree from Central Michigan University in 2017, but didn’t find his true talent for video and audio production until 2018 when he first started attending Specs Howard School of Media Arts. He earned his certificate in Broadcast Media Arts in 2019. Since then, he has done freelance drone work, photography, videography, editing, and much more. He has been with the network since August 2020.


Eric Williamson

set designer AND Digital media director

Eric Williamson creates images and themes in attractive visual formats.  He graduated from Minneapolis College of Art & Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  As a Motion Graphic Designer, his animations and designs have won several awards.  Over his career, Eric has also led projects as a Video Editor and Graphic Designer for clients and colleagues at leading companies.  In addition, he is a musician and composer.  Currently, Eric is responsible for set design, logos and animations for the Spiro Avenue Show and Off the Curb with Justin Spiro.

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