Justin Spiro

Justin Spiro found a love for broadcast journalism as a student at Lahser High School in 2005, hosting the Monday Night Sports Scan for WBFH 88.1 under the tutelage of the legendary Pete Bowers. “The Biff”, as the station is affectionately known, won its 3rd High School Station of the Year award during Spiro’s time on staff.


After 2 years studying broadcasting at Central Michigan University, Spiro was encouraged by his mentor Professor Dennis Jeffers to pursue a journalism degree at Michigan State University. He transferred to Michigan State and graduated with honors in 2011, eventually moving onto law school at John Marshall in Chicago and completing his JD in 2015.


From 2005 to 2016, Spiro made numerous contributions to the popular Detroit Sports Rag, serving as its Managing Editor from 2013 to 2016.


Jed Shilling

Jed Shilling is an incoming senior at the University of Toledo majoring in communication with a minor in Korean. Jed’s experience includes serving as producer for the Northwoods League and his student radio station at WXUT. His future goals are to work in sports broadcasting and eventually work his way to producing a sports talk show in a top 10 market.


James Gorman

James Gorman is an IT professional with over two years experience in enterprise software development. In charge of creative content as well as website management, Gorman will be working closely with Justin Spiro to ensure all content and design is professional grade. He will also be working with Spiro to provide content for the Spiro Avenue Podcast and website.  

Digital Director

Spiro Avenue Team

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